LSI Sponsors IEEE Student-Professional Awareness Conference

LSI strongly believes that we in industry are all responsible for training our next generation of technical talent.

It is no secret that America has lost manufacturing jobs, nor is it a secret that the amount of engineers entering the manufacturing sector has dwindled. In several discussions I have had with local universities, even the engineering disciplines have seen a reduction in enrollees over the last 20 years. We must all work to change this and to make America a leading producer of engineers and to continue to be innovative.

America is still strong in manufacturing, much to many people’s surprise, but we have to be smart about what we produce and we have to use automation to lower costs of manufactured goods and to make better quality products. China and Mexico have taken much of the labor intensive, low cost manufacturing jobs. However, America still outpaces them both in manufacturing output in raw dollars because we are still able to produce higher dollar products much more efficiently and at a better quality. This trend needs to not only continue, but accelerate. Helping schools draw more engineering talent into their programs, and getting more top talent into manufacturing will help us as a country achieve this. LSI is investigating more and better ways to work with the local universities to help in this manner and this conference is one step in this process.

Please join us in the sponsoring of this event. You can find out more details and sign up here:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers( IEEE) – Professional Awareness Conference


About Jim Gavigan

Business Development Manager at Logical Systems, LLC
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