What’s new at LSI – July 25, 2011

I don’t usually like to use the blog space for “bragging” or for “commercials,” but the last 3-6 months at LSI have been pretty exciting with bookings and with projects completed. I thought I would list some accomplishments that have come across my desk:

  • Delivered a major system upgrade out of the Golden office (to RAVE reviews from the customer – I cannot stress enough how pleased the customer was) to a major beer producer that included:
    • Malt delivery system cutover from relay logic and Norpak controls to DeltaV in a 48 hour period
    • Cut over the Batch and Grind and Water Blending Systems in 7 days
    • Also performed a major PLC/HMI upgrade to the grain handling system that was on an original Allen Bradley PLC (i.e. predecessor to the PLC-2). LSI upgraded the system to Controllogix/Intellution
  • Completed a Digester upgrade to a DeltaV DCS in a liner board paper mill. This effort was deemed a major success by all parties
  • Completed a Drives and Motors upgrade on a liner board paper machine from DC drives and motors to AC liquid cooled drives and motors. LSI provided Installation engineering, checkout, mechanical installation support, and PLC programming support. LSI partnered with Rockwell Automation to give the client a major success
  • Provided a 692 drawing IFC package in 6 weeks to a major utility to rave reviews, as here is the client’s words: “All I can say is: My hat off to all of you at LSI that made this level of detail in such short time period.  I still need some time to digest the material but what I can see is that this is world class work and I truly appreciate having you as a most valued team member for controls and instrumentation work we will see now and in the future.” And….. “You guys are all amazing and true professionals, you make my life a lot easier so thank you very much for all the good work you keep doing for us.”
  • Completed a $700,000 panel (102 panels total) order for a pipe manufacturer that spanned both panel shops (Memphis and Rossville) with a design that was changing during the procurement and fabrication process as the client had an accelerated project schedule. This project was also done to rave reviews as I talked with the client last week and he stated to me that we did a heck of a job giving the challenges with the design and the short timeframe with which to build them (16 weeks to procure and fabricate all panels – over 2,000 man-hours). LSI also provided controlnet expertise during the panel checkout as the client’s local engineers had little experience with the technology.
  • Booked a large order at a power plant in China that will involve integrating a Rockwell Automation Factorytalk View SE system to a Controllogix architecture
  • Received the 2nd order for DeltaV configuration effort in China at a chemical producer. A US based engineer will be travelling next month for support and commissioning of this project with our China team.
  • Is executing a project that involves moving a candy making line from one plant to another out of our Rossville, GA office. The effort includes electrical design (panels, conduit and cable schedules, etc.), programming (Controllogix PLC‘s and Iconics HMI), and overall project management. This effort may lead to similar work in China.
  • Booked a large order for an acrylic manufacturer for a DeltaV upgrade for their site in TX. This comes on the heels of years of successful work at their Memphis location.
  • Our MQCS group (http://www.logicalsysinc.com/industries/69-refrigeration.html and https://logicalsysinc.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/lsi-helps-a-customer-move-operations-to-mexico/ ) has moved 4 air conditioner production lines to Mexico and is in the process of helping the customer move 3 more lines. One line was completely new equipment, while three have been a combination of existing and new equipment.
  • Booked a boiler and steam production optimization study at a Memphis process plant, which could lead to major costs savings in steam production for the manufacturer.

The thing that is most striking is that most of these efforts were executed by multi office teams that comprised of engineers from more than one LSI offices, and in many cases, 3 LSI offices. It is truly a case of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” because LSI is getting the right people on the right job at the right time, irrespective of which office that the people are from. It is that cohesiveness that makes LSI very unique in the system integration world.


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