Manufacturing Homecoming?

First of all, let me apologize for my/our lack of regular posting in a while. I lost focus and realize that this needs to be a regular event if we are going to make a run in social media. Next week, I will post Part III of eleiminating the white knuckle ride of startup, but I happened to run across something today that caught my eye.

I have been reading the daily email update for (called “Today in Manufacturing”) for several years now and several times a week, I click through to an article that they have put a snippet of in my email. The one today on “A Homecoming for US manufacturing?” caught my eye.

Our business has exploded in the last 5 years and since our core is in manufacturing, I was interested to see what the article said because my feeling is that we are seeing a swing of the pendulum of manufacturing back to the US.

I even mentioned in my PILOT presentation a few months back to the city of Memphis that one of the reasons for our growth was a reshoring of American manufacturing. We at LSI also fully believe that the right kind of manufacturing is coming back – the type that requires more skilled labor and higher automation content for all of the reasons that the article points out. What do you think?

US Manufacturing has been on the rise in recent years


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